We are a small non-profit organization based in Missouri, dedicated to providing support and services to individual and small group progressive activists throughout the U.S. and abroad.

Our Mission

To normalize minority and marginalized group interests, promote social justice, and build inclusive community through Advocacy, Education, and Outreach. 


Engage with structural socio-political powers on matters of social justice and equity, and on behalf of individuals who are not afforded these civil and human rights


Promote understanding through constant self-education and sharing lived experiences, and provide counsel and guidance where appropriate and requested


Intervene in the cycles of violence, poverty, and injustice that erode the nobility of the human condition, extend comfort to those in need, and work towards a better, more tolerant world

What's in a name?

SECULARUS translates from Latin as one who is secular (worldly), or a layperson.

Associating as a secular organization has a specific and profound meaning for us. We view the many constructs of humanity in light of their benefits and challenges. Many run contrary to humanity's well-being, whereas many pose a wonderful source for support, inspiration, and nobility to the human condition.

As a secular organization we attempt to foster an environment of inclusion and acceptance through individual and institutional efforts, to include combating those social constructs that would arbitrarily burden human existence. 

As laypersons we mean to imply that the efforts towards betterment reside in the efforts of everyday persons and situations. What skills we have or need, we hone or network for those volunteers and professionals willing to engage alongside us.

As we develop our own skills, we intend to make the results available to all. Through combined efforts we hope to build a robust community of volunteers and specialists to contribute to original bodies of work and serve as support, teachers, or counsel as warranted.


Identifying as a secular organization might seem an arbitrary or even divisive distinction. We feel that it is neither.

Secular works, as we discuss, entail a willingness to view and work with the constructs of human interaction in light of what we feel is largely desirable or undesirable for humanity. What is the greatest amount of personal freedom and expression that people can achieve without overly burdening others' pursuit of the same?

Secularism suggests a willingness to exist and function in the natural world. What drives one's personal desire to do such works is a matter of personal conscience. Our founding philosophy is informed from the humanist perspective. We welcome any who would labor alongside us within humanist principles irrespective of our disparate sources of inspiration.

To the greatest foreseeable extent, our materials and products will be available to all - typically free of charge. Our direct efforts will remain focused on the individuals we serve. We intend to operate free of proselytism or association with any organizations that might seek to proselytize or impose dogmatic judgments or expectations into our services. This includes taking a hard look at our internal biases and developing a truly compassionate means of serving. 

Creative Commons License
2019 © Secularus (CC by 4.0) 
Columbia, MO
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