We are a small non-profit organization based in Missouri, dedicated to providing support and services to individual and small group progressive activists throughout the U.S. and abroad.

Our Mission

To normalize minority and marginalized group interests, promote social justice, and build inclusive community through Advocacy, Education, and Outreach. 


Engage with structural socio-political powers on matters of social justice and equity, and on behalf of individuals who are not afforded these civil and human rights


Promote understanding through constant self-education and sharing lived experiences, and provide counsel and guidance where appropriate and requested


Intervene in the cycles of violence, poverty, and injustice that erode the nobility of the human condition, extend comfort to those in need, and work towards a better, more tolerant world

What We're About

SECULARUS translates from Latin as "one who is secular" (worldly) or "a layperson." 

This organization was envisioned as a means to support localized activist efforts. Products of our own efforts will be shared freely: guides, references, libraries, etc.

We gladly accept submissions of the population at large. If there is existing material that should be brought to our attention, please let us know (chandler@secularus.org).

As activist laypersons we mean to imply that progress resides in the efforts of everyday persons and situations. What skills we have or need, we develop; or network for those volunteers and professionals willing to engage alongside us.


This project started as an outgrowth of academic and personal interests. We draw inspiration from the secular humanist philosophy and look to work within our communities to uphold the dignity of humanity.

Our current capacities include basic-to-advanced functional web design, small group management, strategic and organizational structure, videography, audiography, a/v editing, data analysis, critical analysis, accounting/bookkeeping, public speaking, training, and lobbying. All efforts are volunteer labor and available with varying degrees of capacity based on largely amateur - but developing - skills and efforts.

Have an issue or project to run by us? Contact us at chandler@secularus.org. 

Creative Commons License
2019 © Secularus (CC by 4.0) 
Columbia, MO
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