Missouri (2019) HB728 revokes anonymous protection in religious cases

FEB 2019 - Missouri House Bill 728 (sponsor: Billington) is a blatant attempt to carve out exceptions that favor religious institutions and religiously-grounded matters in legal cases. It does so by introducing legislation that would revoke Judicial discretion in case-specific suits brought under pseudonym, or anonymously, specifically in those cases where suits are brought against religious organizations and religious-based activity.

Position: OPPOSE

The primary purpose for anonymity in legal cases is to provide individuals with protection against wide-spread recognition that might result in disruptions to their personal, familial, professional, and community lives. The cases under consideration are weighed on their merits, not the names of the persons bringing suit. In all instances, the legal name of the plaintiff is known to the Judges and Attorneys of both sides. The protection of anonymity serves to safeguard plaintiffs against public disclosure which might lead to retaliation and harassment. The interest of this bill is a bald-faced attempt to gain privileges under the guise of church/state separation that could (likely, intended to...) raise the risk of bringing suit by removing safeguards and exposing vulnerable plaintiffs to harassment, threats, and other repercussions which serve to dampen the pursuit of Justice.###


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