At present, Secularus is focused on the Missouri socio-political climate. Services are predominantly limited to lobbying and videography. We aspire to become a more robust community of virtual and local volunteers. If you possess the skills or interests to contribute, please contact us at to be added as a contributor.

Note: Missouri's congress is in recess for the year. House Bill 728 passed both House and Senate and was not enacted only due the pressing time limitations and lack in prioritization. Expect this content to re-surface and be vigilant! My personal opinion from working with our State legislators: There are too many who simply do not care about their constituents voices. Or, more specifically, if you're not part of the far-right Religious/Republican unholy alliance, they don't consider you a constituent. This is Dominionism through and through, and it's been working its way into politics for a long while. 

Please visit our video library at for more footage.

Missouri House Bill 728 seeks to revoke anonymous protections in Church/State Separation Cases

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